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    Twas tagged by KawaiiWolf144 :meow:

- Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
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- Don't say "You're tagged if you read this."
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1) Cat or dog person?

    Why not both...? ;~;

2) Ideal place to go for vacation?

Personally the only best place I've been so far is Orlando, Florida for vacation, so why not go with that? Though I would love to go to Ireland or London...

3) What do you like about WoF?

The fantasy adventures to it I would say, as well as the slow build of character designs. 

4) Favorite animal?

Fantasy animal: Dragons
Reality animal: Snekz (snakes)

5) Do you believe in magic?


6) What is your favorite book out of the Wings of Fire series?

Oooooh, so far, I've gotten through the first part of the 7th book. But for sure so far it has to be #6, Moon Rising. :)

7) Be honest. How many of you dragon OC's have powers(mind power, fire, animus, etc.)

I don't have any Wings of Fire OC's, but I will say the dragon OC's that I do have that yes they are unique in a lot of ways. My oc Derek (half dragon) was "gifted" with a VERY old ability to have a hotter based fire substance than his half brother which rarely showed up in their family tree. This ability also allows him to melt through things normally not able to be melted through (most to all metals) and set himself on fire.

To answer the question though, both including the oc's who are dragons and who are also able to turn into ones, I'd say all of them... ^^;  

8) What tribe are you a part of?

Either Nightwings or Sandwings.

9) DO you have annoying siblings?


10) Do you watch YouTube? If you do favorite Youtuber?

Who doesn't watch YouTube now a days? Do I have a favorite? I can't pick just one...! Jacksepticeye and Markiplier are 2 of the many! Also UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD and Kootra! AHH! SO MANY I LOVE!

11) Which dragonet of destiny do you like the most?


12) Least favorite dragonet?

... But I love them all... 

13) Wolfs or dragons?
    DERGERNS! :dummy:

    Who I tag: 
And anyone who wants to join in!!! <3 

My questions: 

1. How many of you are Wings of Fire fans...? (this is one question I would love to hear in the comments below from any watcher of mine if you wanna answer it...)

2. If you could be any dragon, what would you be?

3. How many oc's/characters do you have?

4. Top 10 favorite songs?

5. Favorite book(s) or book series?

6. What was your favorite toy as a kid?

7. What did you want to be as a kid?

8. What would your dream job be (fantasy and/or reality)?

9. Favorite food(s)? 

10. Apple or Samsung devices?

11. Any pets?

12. Have you had any supernatural experiences? I'm curious.

13. Did you ever have an imaginary friend or character as a kid?

Enjoy ;w;
Got this from MoonwatchersCrafts and oh my gosh, I wish this was taught in every where!

"A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, not to rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home. Copy and paste this if you are against bullying."

For those who are close and know me, as a kid I grew up being bullied from kindergarten to 4th grade, went to home schooling up until 7th grade (And met my wonderful and amazing sister/best friend, MazyL, during the homeschool period!), then went back to public school in 8th grade and I am soon to be in 11th after summer break ends. But this, this hear means a lot to me. Because the time I was in public schooling and still to this day I am bullied or have been and know this exact feeling and meaning! As a victim, this means a ton to me and again, I wish this was taught everywhere to everyone of all ages! 

Re-post and/or spread this journal around and share this! It means a lot!
    So... I've been busy sort of lately and also have been going through some things... And bits and pieces of lack of motivation and such. I was wondering if any of you guys had any thoughts and ideas on what you want to see my draw next, another big drawing, more digital, more of me and my sister's other oc's perhaps...? I still have a list of things I want to get done too, reference sheets being a big thing to do for sure... But also practice and expanding out more on anatomy of people mostly and some on dragons and such. If you all have any ideas or thoughts, feel free to shoot me a comment or note. 

    As for life...? Again, just going through some stuff... I did get a hair cut a few days ago though, after not having a real hair cut in 6 to 8 years. I got side sweeping bangs along with my hair starting down to my hips being cut to the highest upper part of my back (about a good foot and a half I believe) and I can't do my Lara Croft braid anymore ^^; Though I can do a short/sort of medium length pony tail. To be honest I'm not fully sure what to dabble into much from here, kind of made this journal because I sort of just needed to talk... But, as for I guess the future, I haven't heard back from that one college-like school my main school works with after having applied to it back in the middle of May. My mother did however call since the lack of communication and sadly I heard... There's no spots open for me and that I could try calling again in August to see if anyone dropped out... If there still isn't any spots then, I'm not fully sure what to do... I had a brief conversations with my mother about home schooling again if I can't get into the place because of not wanting to go back to having anxiety attacks every month from school and the people to deal with there. But so far, I've been shooed away from that idea but I'm hoping with everything that I don't have to go back there... I know 2 more years of hgih school may not seem like a big deal but, to me it just feels like it'll wreck me with the days to come... But also, I know in some way, if things don't work out... That I know I have my sister to help me through the tough days and nights to come in hard times. I know I may not have it as bad as others, but I believe that everyone, those less unfortunate than I and others especially, should all have a great deal of happiness and peace in life... 

    Also, I just found out that I hit... 301 watchers... Words can not express my gratitude and my thankful expressions to you guys. But if it's not too much to ask more of... If you guys could go check out my sister's amazing artwork and stories, I would be even more thrilled and greatful for your care and kindness. She can be found here --> Thank you for all who have helped us through, supported us, and encouraged us both.

     This guy has been on the site for a while now but just recently he's gone past the line! He has watched and followed people in the Wings of Fire community that are under the age of 18 while having very inappropriate and violating photos on his profile, he has sent nudes to underage people in this community, and has even gone as far as sexually harressing LordRivacon via note asking for nudes! 

broken-bison be aware that there are inappropriate pictures on this profule if you dare to look, but help report this guy and get him out of the DA community and spread this journal as awareness please!!!

The majority of the people tagged in this too are also the ones who I know are being watched by this pedophile, please help spread awareness of this and report this guy!

     So, few days ago me and my family went to a place called Jungle Jims. It's an exotic grocery store basically, you can get like everything underthe sun there from all different parts of the country, even the world. Some examples would be like Grouper and Swordfish steaks from the Gulf or Florida, I've seen rattlesnake meat there, the meats they sell there are like NOTHING compared to Walmart and Kroger, they make Walmart and Kroger look bad... :XD: Anyways, somewhere within a 7 day range we went there and they had a ton of food samples all throughout the store and me being me, I don't pass up GOOD food samples. They had samples in the bread sections, the fruit and veggie sections, the meats and cheeses sections, all of it was like fresh and tasted SO so good... And now for the past 2 days I think I regret it. 
     Yesterday and today I thought it was just my sinuses because of all the weird weather we're having here up in Ohio. But today i woke up with the sore throat feeling way worse than yesterday and with my allergies normally it doesn't change or get worse, it actually calms down by the end of the day. So I had a look in the mirror and yeaaaaah it does NOT look anything like sinuses O-O I thought I was just getting paranoid and so I went up to my mom since she's a nurse and even if she wasn't she's dealt with these sinarios so many times she's memorised pretty much how everything goes :XD: And so to me, I thought I was seeing it looked really really irritated (Obviously) but also kind of filmy looking and speckled, just gross in general... And when she looked at it I heard the usual "Greaaaaaat, you look like you caught something. There's like a few small speckles of red or white here and there and your tonsils look like coral." If anyone knows what I mean by "looks like coral" well, if you look up coral pictures how it has indents in the rock yet raised lines that separate those indents, that's basically what it's like.
     But yeah... NEVER TRUST FOOD SAMPLES! >~< I thought since it's a nice clean and well managed place, they would be fine, because like at Walmart and Kroger I've learned my lesson because every time I've tried samples at those places, within the week or week and a half I get sick with something. But noooo, no matter how nicely kept the place is... Just be well aware there's a good chance you can still get something... I don't know if it's because my immune system sucks (I get sick easily and hit pretty hard with it too whenever I do get sick) or if it's just my luck. But yeah, that's how my weeks gonna go now, I might need to go to the doctor in a day or 2 (since its only been 2 days of this, whatever it is needs time to spread to get a certainty, blah blah blah "wait a few days before going to the doctor" saying...) and maybe have to have an antibiotic if it gets worse or isn't viral o.o 
     Note to self and a tip for the world... Don't trust the food samples... Unless it's personally asked for and handed to you over the counter by the actual deli people and such... No matter how tempting and good it looks ;~; 
(Creation of outline goes to TheRealZombieHatter :) (Smile) )

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Sketch = 22  Fuschia points
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Background = +  Rainbow Points
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If you have any questions, let me know! :D (Big Grin) Hi! 

Hurry and get them in!!!
    I just stumbled across these guys again... I remember this band called Steam Powered Giraffe and how much I loved their songs. And just now coming across the songs I have missed by them over the years, I happened to find this. 

    This song really reached out to me not only in it's catchiness, the character designs, but most definitely the meaning to it... It actually made me feel a little better about my flaws/disorders when I saw all the other people too in this video have the same things as I. It really reassured me that there are others too out there with the same things as me... And it's just overall inspiring and deeply meaningful. :) 
    I find it nearly crushing when I'm labelled as things. But, I'm sure we all can relate to that though, right? I know I may rant or complain a lot but I can't help but say things on my mind whether typed or verbal expression of the sorts. But to get on with my "story" I guess you could call it...
    So I happened to miss half the points on a quiz in geometry a little earlier, for the same reason some other kid had, I had read the question wrong and it's what messed up the rest of my answers to get things wrong. So after this kid had explained, my teacher excluded him. But when I had the same exact thing happen to me... I get questioned in a tone that made her sound like she was addressing a fool that didn't know anything. I did explain to her my issue, and that I also got everything on the homework right too... But instead of maybe having a chance of making it up or being excluded too from it, I got a very rude, almost sarcastic sounding "Okayyyy..." and nothing said of it being able to be made up or excludable. 
    Me being me and seeing this and also knowing how this guy is a bit of a shining star to this teacher, kind of got fed up with everyone in that moment and when I'm either upset or mad I tend to go quiet and then it was lunch time right after this affrontement. So I'm sure you may guess what's next, me at the table of a few "friends" (2 of with I DO consider real friends though) but the one girl (Sometimes I swear she's a ringleader of the "friend group") was poking and prodding because I was quiet. Now, anyone who knows me knows that shaking me around and teasing about it is NOT the way to approach me in such a state. But finally I sort of cracked when she kept repeating "is it because of that quiz? You're being mad over a quiz?" and as I said, I cracked in a way stating I just generally hate everything at the moment in that school. But still, didn't get what I was saying and still thought it was over that quiz still. I'm sure my watchers know, I have many multiple reasons why I am fed up with my school, but apparently it goes in one ear and out the other when I even do so much as state what I'm mad over when i come to tell this "friend" or mine. I ended up having a mini breakdown of a panic attack, few tears, nothing major (unless you consider how much is still bottled). 
    Again, even in a few tears, she still thinks this and I'm still stating I'm just tired of this place in general. But she still doesn't get it. So later I'm back and class, then to English class and I have access to my Google Hangouts. So, I come to my Hangouts and I see "You are just pushing people and things away. Being a butt about everything" ..... In which I responded "You obviously don't know me well." Because I feel it's time that hey, maybe she starts to see behind the mask I pull on everyday here in school. "No I do trust me" and again, I state truth "I think otherwise." and her response (I'm also copying and pasting from the original texts) "THEN YOU WEAR A MASK" "Indeed I do half the time." 
    Now, keep in mind I am keeping a calm demeanor of text throughout this whole thing, while she's typing in all caps whenever I say something "wrong". 
    Me: "
I had a mere crack in it at lunch. I put it on in the morning too the majority."
Friend: "Yeah I could tell cuz when I said hi you were being all pitiful. Yeah and I rather see the real you not the fake side" 
    I have previously throughout the first quarter or semester have showed my real troubled, anxiety, doubting self of course but instead I got the same reactions of being "pitiful" and a "rude brat" when anyone who really knows me knows and understands that I have anxiety, possibly depression, and an attention disorder as well, but in this case I'll set aside the attention disorder because it has nothing to do with it. Also just realised I could screenshot this so I will, 

  (from left to right)

    I don't want any harassment going to her so I hid the pictures and my name as well as someone else's name that was mentioned (other than the boy) but that's generally the whole conversation. I had tried near the end to start posting medical facts to try and get her to understand. The reason this guy is mentioned is a whole different story that I'll sum it up for, I do not like this guy in any shape or form but it's stated he really likes me for whatever reason. But I recently have heard from, as stated, 2 people saying that I liked him back and again I do not but it was explained someone else started that bull. But long story short for a month now these people have tried to get me to "get to know" this guy, which again I have no interest in whatsoever, and even after I have said this she has still told me to try and get together with him. To answer simply, no I will not, though I doubt that's enough since I've said this multiple times. 
    But this right here is just, evidence out the bat, really. This just proves that my doubts and fears don't often tell tale to me and this is yet just another thing to add into the pot of my anxiety. I have social anxiety, as well as what is started that I looked up, called Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD for short. There is no doubt in my mind that 2 out of the 3 of the causes for it that was listed while I was reading was by brain chemistry and environmental. As a kid, for those who know me, I did indeed go through some really rough things (though I have no room to talk, I know others have had it worse than me as well.) such as the major impact to this day is losing my half blood sister. She was constantly doing damage to my family, almost putting my parents in jail for no reason and this had been going on, along with the lies, screaming and yelling at her, even going so far as to get therapy... But her mother influenced her wrongly, my dad and us all in my household had ended up seeing her move out and live with her mother... I was only about 7 or 8 when that day happened, I was also bullied throughout all of elementary school and it is why I went to homeschooling for a few years. In those few years, I was blessed and gifted though with a friend... Not just any friend, but a best friend, someone so close to me I consider her my own sister as she does the same with me whether we're related or not and to this day and even in the future I am very thankful to the Lord himself for having her around and there for me and I nearly can't even wait until the day we see each other in person. That's how I met her was through my homeschooling live lesson streams and we just... Started talking and from then on we're as close as we are now, closer than before, and every day that I see her is another day that I feel hope, happiness, and inspiration. :) 
    Anyways though, sorry for that sappy bit... But as I was saying, this just adds to my anxiety. I learned as a kid that being myself in public unless I'm around real friends isn't "accepted" in today's society, hardly. So that is when I decided to keep a mask on until I'm with people who really know me and love me for who I really am. I see that this "friend" here is not a true friend to me and doesn't even know me nor try to get to know me and thinks I can change to be a "normal" person. I am not saying I'm special or superior than anyone else, I consider myself on everyone else's level all the same and that I am no higher nor lower than any other person in this world. She's a good person, I can say that. But I feel she tries to make everything go her way and just doesn't understand that I am nothing like her or how she sees me because the last time I tried to open up to her I ended up getting a little note stating that if I kept acting whiny and throwing a "pity party" with myself then we can't be "friends" anymore, which is when I started just covering everything up from that point on and never showing the broken and troubled side to me, always putting on a smile and trying to just laugh it all away. Wonder how this'll result into tomorrow when I go back to school. On a brighter note though... After Friday tomorrow, I only have 5 more school days left, I guess that's a plus... Hoping to convince my parents to let me homeschool again...  

Sorry for this long thing, really just needed to say something since my sis isn't online at the moment to talk it out with and my mom would just tell me to shrug it off or forget about the bad parts of society. For anyone who stuck around for the end, well... Thank you for listening, in a way. Have a cookie :) Cookie Pixel: Cookie cookie cookie Cookie Emote- Take Two :hug:
    Oh... My gawd... Today was not my day today... We ended up having something started smoking in the chemistry class apparently, I was in art class at the time and the bell was about to ring for our 3rd block class then suddenly the FIRE ALARMS go off and we all are SHOVED outside into the pouring rain- And by pouring I mean POURING in near sheets of rain, and by the time we got to our places we stood there for like under 5 minutes only to be told to then come back into the building and get this, nothing was harmed or damaged! All it was was a kiln that smoked a bit since other art classes were helping with that in the chemistry class across the school... But the time we get back to our class, no joke, I would so much as tilt my head forward and water would be running off the top of my head, my clothes were SOAKED almost down to my undergarments. I had to march to the office, believe me I was getting more and more heated the more and more I thought about it, and I had to call my mom to bring me a new pair of clothes for the rest of the day cause I was NOT gonna go through half the school day dripping wet. But I had to go back to my geometry class for half an hour til my mom got there and dropped off a shirt and pants for me, and to top it all off in my geometry class it's nothing but brick walls all the way around and the AC is kept to like 65-68 degrees so I was also sitting there for that half hour just shivering and my medicine has the effect of making me much more sensitive to temperature changes, so 65-68 may not sound all that bad but to me it really felt like 55-60 degrees because of my medication. 

Today is just... It's just not my day today... :mad 
Variety Doodles 2    Would any one of you be interested in buying adopts over the summer...? These guys for example need a good home to go to since I won't be using them as ocs... Variety Doodles 2 by Astra-Phantom5654

    Please lemme know...! Was just wondering, need to set up prices still, if anyone is interested in buying any... 
  I know I only mentioned something about my dachshund hurting his leg... But over the course of 2 or 3 weeks, my mom had given both our dogs some fancy meat store ones. Well... The next day my black labrador had coughed it all back up... But my dachshund hadn't. In the past last week we saw changed in our little Oscar Meyer Weiner... First it started with seeing changed in his behavior, he wasn't as happy or energetic looking like his usual self and generally not acting right. And then came Saturday when I had noticed he wasn't going to the bathroom at all... He was having difficulty going number 2, nothing was happening. So we called the vet and told them, they gave us some tips on how to get a bowel movement... And still nothing worked... And Monday afternoon, me and my mother both still noticed he still hadn't had a bowel movement and even when he tried nothing happened. When we let him inside after multiple tries, I then noticed that he was panting and trembling so much you could see it while my labrador wasn't panting at all which was strange due to my lab having much thicker hair than my dachshund... And that night, our little Oscar had to be rushed to the hospital... 
  My mom came home, with no news of his condition yet... And then we had gotten a phone call from the vet and got the word that wasn't a very good one either... The vet had said my lil' chubby baby had a bowel blockage in his colon, a bacterial infection, and he was dehydrated, any longer and he would have maybe had worse than this... He had to be put on an IV, an antibiotic, and he was watched a full 24 hours... Next day comes, they say the IV was to get him hydrated and hopefully make things pass through okay but, it hadn't... Still he wasn't eating, he wasn't drinking, so they were going to try some other tactics by keeping him still on the IV and seeing how things go... Another day passes, still nothing much happens only him eating a little... And then another day, finally, he had a bowel movement but not much. The vet had told us the stool that had been passed through didn't look good either, so again they had kept him for another night on antibiotics and they were going to now try a stool softener... Thursday afternoon, we get a phone call... 

  He was okay. He had at least 2 bowel movements and he was eating and drinking again.

But still... They kept him for another night...

  I was walking home about an hour ago and I see my mom's car pull out in front of me just as I step off the bus, in the rain, feeling the same depressed feeling hoping my sister would be online when I came home and as soon as I opened up the passenger door... There he was, wagging his tail wildly, jumping about and squirming in the front seat almost crying when he saw me. 
  I can't begin to describe properly with words how much of a thrill washed over me, a happiness and a thankfulness that my little buddy was okay and was gonna live to another day again...

    Alright, I have got to rant about this because it feels like no one in my school (other than my closest friends who go to that school) don't freakin' understand the REAL use of THESE Related image 

    "What are those?", if you don't know and may be asking, these are called "fidget spinners", they also have fidget cubes Image result for fidget cube, I really want one and actually MIGHT need one and I say need because I'll explain in a minute. 
    "What's the big deal? Why are you ranting over this?" I'm literally sick with modern society at the moment, literally everyone in my school is trying to get their hands on these "spinners" because you're only cool if you have one, right? No... No this is not their use, this is not their purpose and as someone who might benefit from these or the cubes and I say this because the original use and sole purpose to even have these things is they were created for people with Autism, A.D.D./A.D.H.D., anxiety, and/or sensory disorders. In just a few weeks these spinners have gone VIRAL in my school and just today the final foot was put down as my princabl had stayed, and I quote, "Students, The use of fidgets, most notably “spinners”, has seemingly gone viral over the last few weeks.  Unless use of one of these items is specifically mandated in a student’s IEP/504/behavior plan, they are not to be used in class.  See me if you have questions.  Thank you." 
    .... This was stated this morning and all I've heard are complaints from the kids who have nothing wrong with them and who use them from anything other than their purpose. I actually found out that a kid in my English class today has a filed doctor's document stating he has A.D.D./A.D.H.D. and all the other kids in the class who had these spinners but no disorder started teasing him. Alright, I can understand that just a little they all seem to be friends, but what really made me blow was when one of the guys who was teasing him leaned back telling the teacher "Hey, I have A.D.D.! Can I use mine?" and another went "I have Autism!" 
    What society is coming to nowadays is really making me sick... I myself at the age of almost 16, suffer from A.D.D./A.D.H.D. mixed type and an anxiety disorder, which both of my disorders clash together and make either one of them worse when they're both happening at the same time. So, as you can imagine when I heard this from behind me I nearly lost it on these guys and wanted to knock their teeth in (Pardon my violence, but when I'm really fired up I do get really fired up), reason being not only me having these real disorders but the comment about the Autism part was what really set me off. My 9 year old brother is diagnosed with Autism, A.D.H.D., and sensory disorders. It's not something to joke about, I even witness now him going through the same. Exact. Life. I had as a kid, school wise, sometimes he comes home crying like I used to as a kid talking about how the other kids pick on him for doing something wrong and that it's his fault that something's wrong with him. But you know what? No... No it's not his fault, it's not my fault, it's no one's fault... We were just, kinda born that way...
    It really pains me seeing repeats like this that are happening with my brother and for the illogical, naive fools out there who make fun of these things such as what I heard in my classroom(s) today, really need to get their head out of their rears and actually look up the meanings and see what it's really like to have to be stuck with these real disorders. Again, me personally having A.D.D./A.D.H.D. mixed type and anxiety, I can tell you it's not fun being told to take a pill(s) every day that's supposed to "fix" your problems and help you "function" as a "normal" person in everyday life, in fact it's one of the things that make me question if I'm developing mild depression as well because that's one of the things that triggers my anxiety attacks is questioning if I'm normal, if anyone cares, if people even like me for who I am or if I have to turn into like the majority of society, and then this all leads to an hour or 2 hour break down endless spiral of emotions to the point where you suddenly don't know what has happened and wonder why you have just sobbed your heart out for and hour or 2 straight. 
    What really pains me the most though... Is when I look at my brother and all the things he's been through, I still remember all the physical and occupational therapy he's gone through, how he's behind in some educational areas of the curriculum such as speech for example. So when people joke around about that, you may call me triggered or salty all you want but until you step into our shoes for once and have to live and cope with one or even a mix of these disorders, then just shut up and don't joke about it because it only shows how uneducated and unethical you are. 
    I'm not saying everyone is like this, I respect all human beings who have an understanding for this or make an effort to understand, or even are educated with these disorders- And not just these I'm listing off but also I speak out to many others who have other disorders or disabilities as well- I really do respect and thank them for being understanding or try to understand, I really do and I really appreciate it. But for the people who try and pull these cards as excuses, for insults or "roasts", or just as cruel jokes, just. Stop. Go and educate yourselves or at least try to see things through the eyes of people who aren't perfect like you all think you are and how it's unfair that we get certain privileges that you all don't. Their not privileges they are things to try and help with the unfortunate cases we have been born with or have developed in and/or throughout our lives. It's not easy. It's no joke and nor should it be taken as something to joke about. Because we may not all show it, but deep down... It hurts even though you may not know it...

    For anyone who has stuck around to the end of this... Thank you. I'm sorry, I needed to get that off my chest, it was really bothering me and it was really eating away at me... And thank you all who support, care, and understand or try to understand me and not only me but others who are diagnosed and/or have these unfortunate cases, it really does mean a lot to us all. And for anyone who has any sort of disorder out there who may have gotten a glimpse of this, do not think you are alone in this. You are loved, you do matter, and that there are others out there who all cope with the same things you do each and every day, and the same goes to others too... 

Thank you all.
Have a nice day guys.
    I would like to say and spread this around so everyone knows about this that there is either a troll or a bossy child going around posting rude comments of "criticism" on other people's artwork, who is known as GahBahMah. Last night I got a slightly offending comment on something I had just posted, here --> Dark Sphere in Light Environment by Astra-Phantom5654 which was just a quick sketch for something for school, nothing too hard I worked on. And then suddenly a few minutes later I get this -->… and I sort of shrug it of basically saying you know, "Hey, I'm not a professional and I know that but it's as good as a sketch of such is going to get." and went on with me life thinking it was over. No, this kid came back for more and demanded me to "Fix it." Not knowing what this person's issue was, kinda just went "Pardon me?" and then someone else helped me piece the puzzle together stating that they're doing this to other people as well. I checked out their profile and surely enough if you read all the comments, there's proof of it and this person is a new deviant. Now I'll admit, they don't have all that bad of art to be honest I actually kind of like it. But if anyone on here knows me, I don't just watch someone for their art I also watch them because their personality and reputation. I would actually watch the person, but due to all of the rude things and such I declined that thought.
    Again, just wanted to inform you all about this kid GahBahMah and if she gets to you, just ignore it I guess, up to you and how you decide to deal with it, this journal is just to spread awareness. 
This is just SICK! What human being comes to these!? Please read the journal posted, this is a serious issue! People are being hurt, getting their information stolen, and FAR worse! Please help spread awareness! <da:thumb id="677628304"/>
Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. I suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but it's better than not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone. 

Help spread this around, please!
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Write the rules
Write 13 things about yourself
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (if you don't have enough though for 13, just try as many as you can :) )
No tagging back

1. What's your favorite mythical animal?

Dragons of course! (Just look at my page ^^; )

2. Are you currently in love with someone? (;

If an actor counts, then yesh. 

3. What are some weird hobbies you have?

Weird hobbies..? If by weird you mean roleplaying with my sister ( MazyL ) then I guess that's one...? I wouldn't call it a hobby though, more like for fun :meow: Other than that I just draw or write. 

4. What's your best childhood memory?

Do I really have a best one..? o.O Anyone who really knows me knows I didn't exactly grow up a mostly happy childhood... But I would have to say meeting my best friend/sister ( MazyL ) was the best memory :) 

5. Do you enjoy seafood or would rather watch an aquarium?

*shrugs* Either or really... But I'd lean more to watching an aquarium :) 

6. What's your opinion on me? ( Taydraa ) (Muahahhaa... I'm so self-centered help)

An artist...? :XD: Though I wouldn't doubt you're a good person too. I just don't know you all that well enough to answer this question more in depth :) 

7. What's your favorite time of day?

Afternoon or night because I don't have to deal with school Gloomy 

8. White, dark or milk chocolate?


9. Would you ever eat a rabbit?

Heavens no! :noes: 

10. What's an activity that you've always wanted to try?

Fencing O3O 

11. What's the funniest joke you can think of?

I am not a jokie telling person... I'm actually that person who says a scenario that's funny. 

12. Do you believe in the paranormal?

Absolutely! Sometimes I even think my own house is haunted! (Too many things happen here that can't go unnoticed and are unexplainable every now and then...)

13. Quick! What's the most random sentence you can think of?

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. 

People I tag! :


My questions for you all:
1. Favorite color?
2. Who's your favorite actor?
3. Do you prefer books or movies?
4. Favorite food? 
5. What's your hobbies?
6. What is your favorite thing to draw/write?
7. Disney or Dreamworks? (Oh yeah I went there -3- Just to watch the struggle of choosing)
8. What would be your dream vacation?
9. Favorite holiday?
10. Your role model just arrived on your front doorstep, what would you do? 
11. Marvel or DC? (*coughs* I'm all for Marvel *coughs*)
12. Favorite villain?
13. Favorite hero? 

    ... Go watch it... *points* Just watch it... This highly makes me question the laws of reality honestly... :XD: I love this guy's channel, it gets the gears in my head turning and at the end of every video I want to binge watch another one. This video though caught my eye and it's seriously opened my eyes to how much we're advancing in the world and how deep we're digging into science and I don't know if it's just me but it's truly really amazing... Go watch the video and prepare to be mind blown :XD: 
(Creation of outline goes to TheRealZombieHatter :) (Smile) )

Green-orb Will Draw Green-orb

Close Ups

:Black-orb: Hesitant To Draw :Black-orb:


:DarkRed-orb: Will Not Draw :DarkRed-orb:

NSFW Content

Blue-orb Headshots Indigo-orb

Sketch = 10  Blue points
Lineart = 12 Blue points
Shading = 15 Blue points
Coloring = 18 Blue points

Ultraviolet-Orb Half Bodies Ultraviolet-Orb

Sketch = 22  Fuschia points
Lineart = 25 Fuschia points
Shading = 28 Fuschia points
Coloring = 30 Fuschia points

Pink Orb Full Bodies Pink Orb

Sketch = 35  Hot Pink points
Lineart = 40 Hot Pink points
Shading = 45 Hot Pink points
Coloring = 50 Hot Pink points

Rainbow-orb Extra Rainbow-orb

Background = +  Rainbow Points
Multiple Characters = + 10-30 Rainbow Points (depends on type such as headshot, half body, full body, and if it's a sketch, lineart, shaded, or colored.) 

If you have any questions, let me know! :D (Big Grin) Hi! 

Hurry and get commissions in!!! Summer break is almost starting for me and that's when I'll be free to do the most artwork!

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- Tag people
- Answer honestly
- Put the title as "I am an ___ dragon" (or an elemental pun)
- Have fun

(And anyone else who wants to, can't think much at the moment ^^; )

Green Flame by DAUnderworld Nature  Green Flame by DAUnderworld

[/] You love being outside.
[x] Sunlight makes you feel happy. 
[x] You love all animals. 
[] You feel bad when you kill a bug.
[] You own lots of plants.
[] You are a vegetarian/vegan.
[] You love fruits and vegetables.

Total: 2.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot Earth  :greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot

[/] You are very headstrong.
[/] You are a very grounded person.
[] You are physically strong or big.
[/] You try hard to maintain balance in your life.
[x] You eat a lot and love food.
[] You are not sensitive.
[/] You don't mind getting dirty.

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

animated fire by darkmoon3636 Fire  animated fire by darkmoon3636

[/] You have a lot of sass.
[x] You love warmth.
[] You get angered easily, but calm down quickly. 
[] You get into a lot of fights.
[] You are rude. 
[x] You are passionate/emotional.
[x] You love spicy food.

Total: 3.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitebluefire: by NamelessBot Ice  :whitebluefire: by NamelessBot

[] You don't express your emotions.
[] You come across as cold or uncaring. 
[/] You are thin or frail.
[x] You don't mind the cold.
[] You find yourself with cold extremities. 
[/] You crack easily under pressure.
[] You are not sensitive. 

Total: 2  

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot Lightning  :psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot

[] You have way too much energy.
[] People tell you to quiet down often.
[/] You have trouble falling asleep.
[x] You play your music loud.
[x] You are often happy.
[/] You are disruptive. 
[] You love playing sports.

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot Water  :bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot

[x] You are mostly relaxed.
[x] You love swimming.
[] You can hold your breath for a long time.
[/] You cry easily.
[] You primarily drink water.
[/] You take stuff very personally.
[] You wear your heart on your sleeve. 

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitefire: by NamelessBot Wind  :whitefire: by NamelessBot

[] You have great endurance.
[/] You often dream about flying.
[] You are not clumsy.
[/] You tend to "wing it" a lot.
[/] You love to look at the sky and daydream.
[/] You love to look fancy. 
[] You are musical/can play more than one instrument.

Total: 2

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:blackfire: by SlayerDrake Metal  :blackfire: by SlayerDrake

[x] You are a tech whiz. 
[] You don't care about what other people think of you. 
[/] You don't often go outside.
[x] People expect much of you.
[/] You find it easy to figure out how things work.
[/] You are smart with your money.
[] You love video games.

Total: 3.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitegreenfire: by NamelessBot Light  :whitegreenfire: by NamelessBot

[x] You are positive and optimistic.
[x] You have a few really close friends.
[x] You believe in equality.
[x] You are compassionate.
[x] People look to you for advice.
[/] You find it hard to understand people with different opinions. 
[x] You hate being alone.

Total: 6.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:blackflame: by NamelessBot Dark  :blackflame: by NamelessBot

[/] You don't understand people.
[] You are not social or have many friends.
[] People think you are "evil".
[x] You love rock music.
[] You relate to antagonists more than protagonists. 
[/] You prefer to spend time in the dark.
[] You take naps during the day.

Total: 2

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:pinkblackfire: by NamelessBot Magic  :pinkblackfire: by NamelessBot

[x] You believe in ouija boards/tarot cards/other magic.
[/] Your opinion changes easily.
[/] People underestimate you.
[x] You are creative or artistic.
[/] You think mythical creatures are real.
[] You are a hoarder.
[x] You love fantasy and reading books.

Total: 4.5  

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:barneyflame: by SlayerDrake Poison  :barneyflame: by SlayerDrake

[/] You never get sick.
[] People avoid you like the plague.
[/] People judge you/you are self-conscious. 
[] You love gross or dark humor.
[x] You have some sort of disorder.
[/] You don't like it when people touch you.
[/] You are very opinionated.

Total: 3.5

This actually didn't surprise me much... But it still did since my fantasy self pocesses the light element! :D I found this fun to do too, it was interesting to test out. Feel free to use this if wanted!