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    I would like to say and spread this around so everyone knows about this that there is either a troll or a bossy child going around posting rude comments of "criticism" on other people's artwork, who is known as GahBahMah. Last night I got a slightly offending comment on something I had just posted, here --> Dark Sphere in Light Environment by Astra-Phantom5654 which was just a quick sketch for something for school, nothing too hard I worked on. And then suddenly a few minutes later I get this -->… and I sort of shrug it of basically saying you know, "Hey, I'm not a professional and I know that but it's as good as a sketch of such is going to get." and went on with me life thinking it was over. No, this kid came back for more and demanded me to "Fix it." Not knowing what this person's issue was, kinda just went "Pardon me?" and then someone else helped me piece the puzzle together stating that they're doing this to other people as well. I checked out their profile and surely enough if you read all the comments, there's proof of it and this person is a new deviant. Now I'll admit, they don't have all that bad of art to be honest I actually kind of like it. But if anyone on here knows me, I don't just watch someone for their art I also watch them because their personality and reputation. I would actually watch the person, but due to all of the rude things and such I declined that thought.
    Again, just wanted to inform you all about this kid GahBahMah and if she gets to you, just ignore it I guess, up to you and how you decide to deal with it, this journal is just to spread awareness. 
Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. I suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but it's better than not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone. 

Help spread this around, please!
Twas tagged by Taydraa :meow: 

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1. What's your favorite mythical animal?

Dragons of course! (Just look at my page ^^; )

2. Are you currently in love with someone? (;

If an actor counts, then yesh. 

3. What are some weird hobbies you have?

Weird hobbies..? If by weird you mean roleplaying with my sister ( MazyL ) then I guess that's one...? I wouldn't call it a hobby though, more like for fun :meow: Other than that I just draw or write. 

4. What's your best childhood memory?

Do I really have a best one..? o.O Anyone who really knows me knows I didn't exactly grow up a mostly happy childhood... But I would have to say meeting my best friend/sister ( MazyL ) was the best memory :) 

5. Do you enjoy seafood or would rather watch an aquarium?

*shrugs* Either or really... But I'd lean more to watching an aquarium :) 

6. What's your opinion on me? ( Taydraa ) (Muahahhaa... I'm so self-centered help)

An artist...? :XD: Though I wouldn't doubt you're a good person too. I just don't know you all that well enough to answer this question more in depth :) 

7. What's your favorite time of day?

Afternoon or night because I don't have to deal with school Gloomy 

8. White, dark or milk chocolate?


9. Would you ever eat a rabbit?

Heavens no! :noes: 

10. What's an activity that you've always wanted to try?

Fencing O3O 

11. What's the funniest joke you can think of?

I am not a jokie telling person... I'm actually that person who says a scenario that's funny. 

12. Do you believe in the paranormal?

Absolutely! Sometimes I even think my own house is haunted! (Too many things happen here that can't go unnoticed and are unexplainable every now and then...)

13. Quick! What's the most random sentence you can think of?

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. 

People I tag! :


My questions for you all:
1. Favorite color?
2. Who's your favorite actor?
3. Do you prefer books or movies?
4. Favorite food? 
5. What's your hobbies?
6. What is your favorite thing to draw/write?
7. Disney or Dreamworks? (Oh yeah I went there -3- Just to watch the struggle of choosing)
8. What would be your dream vacation?
9. Favorite holiday?
10. Your role model just arrived on your front doorstep, what would you do? 
11. Marvel or DC? (*coughs* I'm all for Marvel *coughs*)
12. Favorite villain?
13. Favorite hero? 

    ... Go watch it... *points* Just watch it... This highly makes me question the laws of reality honestly... :XD: I love this guy's channel, it gets the gears in my head turning and at the end of every video I want to binge watch another one. This video though caught my eye and it's seriously opened my eyes to how much we're advancing in the world and how deep we're digging into science and I don't know if it's just me but it's truly really amazing... Go watch the video and prepare to be mind blown :XD: 
(Creation of outline goes to TheRealZombieHatter :) (Smile) )

Green-orb Will Draw Green-orb

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:DarkRed-orb: Will Not Draw :DarkRed-orb:

NSFW Content

Blue-orb Headshots Indigo-orb

Sketch = 10  Blue points
Lineart = 12 Blue points
Shading = 15 Blue points
Coloring = 18 Blue points

Ultraviolet-Orb Half Bodies Ultraviolet-Orb

Sketch = 22  Fuschia points
Lineart = 25 Fuschia points
Shading = 28 Fuschia points
Coloring = 30 Fuschia points

Pink Orb Full Bodies Pink Orb

Sketch = 35  Hot Pink points
Lineart = 40 Hot Pink points
Shading = 45 Hot Pink points
Coloring = 50 Hot Pink points

Rainbow-orb Extra Rainbow-orb

Background = +  Rainbow Points
Multiple Characters = + 10-30 Rainbow Points (depends on type such as headshot, half body, full body, and if it's a sketch, lineart, shaded, or colored.) 

If you have any questions, let me know! :D (Big Grin) Hi! 

Twas tagged by Garthadon -3- 


- Tag people
- Answer honestly
- Put the title as "I am an ___ dragon" (or an elemental pun)
- Have fun

(And anyone else who wants to, can't think much at the moment ^^; )

Green Flame by DAUnderworld Nature  Green Flame by DAUnderworld

[/] You love being outside.
[x] Sunlight makes you feel happy. 
[x] You love all animals. 
[] You feel bad when you kill a bug.
[] You own lots of plants.
[] You are a vegetarian/vegan.
[] You love fruits and vegetables.

Total: 2.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot Earth  :greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot

[/] You are very headstrong.
[/] You are a very grounded person.
[] You are physically strong or big.
[/] You try hard to maintain balance in your life.
[x] You eat a lot and love food.
[] You are not sensitive.
[/] You don't mind getting dirty.

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

animated fire by darkmoon3636 Fire  animated fire by darkmoon3636

[/] You have a lot of sass.
[x] You love warmth.
[] You get angered easily, but calm down quickly. 
[] You get into a lot of fights.
[] You are rude. 
[x] You are passionate/emotional.
[x] You love spicy food.

Total: 3.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitebluefire: by NamelessBot Ice  :whitebluefire: by NamelessBot

[] You don't express your emotions.
[] You come across as cold or uncaring. 
[/] You are thin or frail.
[x] You don't mind the cold.
[] You find yourself with cold extremities. 
[/] You crack easily under pressure.
[] You are not sensitive. 

Total: 2  

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot Lightning  :psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot

[] You have way too much energy.
[] People tell you to quiet down often.
[/] You have trouble falling asleep.
[x] You play your music loud.
[x] You are often happy.
[/] You are disruptive. 
[] You love playing sports.

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot Water  :bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot

[x] You are mostly relaxed.
[x] You love swimming.
[] You can hold your breath for a long time.
[/] You cry easily.
[] You primarily drink water.
[/] You take stuff very personally.
[] You wear your heart on your sleeve. 

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitefire: by NamelessBot Wind  :whitefire: by NamelessBot

[] You have great endurance.
[/] You often dream about flying.
[] You are not clumsy.
[/] You tend to "wing it" a lot.
[/] You love to look at the sky and daydream.
[/] You love to look fancy. 
[] You are musical/can play more than one instrument.

Total: 2

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:blackfire: by SlayerDrake Metal  :blackfire: by SlayerDrake

[x] You are a tech whiz. 
[] You don't care about what other people think of you. 
[/] You don't often go outside.
[x] People expect much of you.
[/] You find it easy to figure out how things work.
[/] You are smart with your money.
[] You love video games.

Total: 3.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitegreenfire: by NamelessBot Light  :whitegreenfire: by NamelessBot

[x] You are positive and optimistic.
[x] You have a few really close friends.
[x] You believe in equality.
[x] You are compassionate.
[x] People look to you for advice.
[/] You find it hard to understand people with different opinions. 
[x] You hate being alone.

Total: 6.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:blackflame: by NamelessBot Dark  :blackflame: by NamelessBot

[/] You don't understand people.
[] You are not social or have many friends.
[] People think you are "evil".
[x] You love rock music.
[] You relate to antagonists more than protagonists. 
[/] You prefer to spend time in the dark.
[] You take naps during the day.

Total: 2

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:pinkblackfire: by NamelessBot Magic  :pinkblackfire: by NamelessBot

[x] You believe in ouija boards/tarot cards/other magic.
[/] Your opinion changes easily.
[/] People underestimate you.
[x] You are creative or artistic.
[/] You think mythical creatures are real.
[] You are a hoarder.
[x] You love fantasy and reading books.

Total: 4.5  

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:barneyflame: by SlayerDrake Poison  :barneyflame: by SlayerDrake

[/] You never get sick.
[] People avoid you like the plague.
[/] People judge you/you are self-conscious. 
[] You love gross or dark humor.
[x] You have some sort of disorder.
[/] You don't like it when people touch you.
[/] You are very opinionated.

Total: 3.5

This actually didn't surprise me much... But it still did since my fantasy self pocesses the light element! :D I found this fun to do too, it was interesting to test out. Feel free to use this if wanted!
<da:thumb id="669534644"/> Go check it out!
    ... I'm just gonna flat out say this... How, do you even walk, in THESE
Yes, I am one of those girls... Who can ONLY walk in WEDGE HEELS. The only pair of any high heels I have are a pair of leather boots that kind of look like this -->  

But I am baffled how in the world someone could ever manage to walk on, in my opinion, I call them toothpick heels. Because I mean look at this HOW? Just HOW can those toothpicks be balanced on? :epic-shock: I put any size or height of only those types of heels on and my ankles almost snap when I stand in them. *throws hands up* Hooooowwwwwwww?! *walks away*
Omggg I'm so hyped for this now!!! DUDE! 

Thor's missing his hammer!!! And both Thor and Loki got haircuts and outfit changes! And on the left of the magazine cover picture, is Lady Hel... The new villain of the next Thor movie! GAH! I can't wait to see the trailers come out! 
I have to give credit to TheRealZombieHatter for helping me out with this, again thanks Hatter! <3

Will Do: Dragons, Raptors, Other Reptile-Like Creatures, etc.
Hesitant To Do: Humans, etc.
Won't Do: Depends on the complexity(?), but definitely won't do anything with inappropriate content

Sketch = 5
Razor (preview, read description for story) by Astra-Phantom5654
Lineart = 8
Razor (WIP) by Astra-Phantom5654
Shading = 11
Rawr...? by Astra-Phantom5654
Coloring = 14
Shadow Sketch by Astra-Phantom5654

Half Bodies:
Sketch = 19
Fus Ro Dah! (WIP) by Astra-Phantom5654
Lineart = 22
Fus Ro Dah! (WIP 2) by Astra-Phantom5654
Shading = 25
Fus Ro Dah! (Finished!) by Astra-Phantom5654
Coloring = 28
Gift for my Brother by Astra-Phantom5654   

Full Bodies:
Sketch = 33
Razor and Sabor WIP by Astra-Phantom5654
Lineart = 36
Razor and Sabor WIP Update 3 by Astra-Phantom5654 (No examples with just one character)
Shading = 39
(No examples yet)
Coloring = 42
Keeper of Treasure (A Present for My Sister) by Astra-Phantom5654
    Ayyyye! So I figured since my Spring Break is coming up in a few days I thought I'd open commissions for the first time ever! Now, keep in mind if I get a late commission for example on the very last day of March 17th, it may take a while to get in than normally. Depending on how many I get too also determines how long it'll take, along with what others ask for. 
    Now that I've said that... Uh, again, first time ever doing this ;~; So... I guess it depends on what you request determines your cost...? I actually might have my friend TheRealZombieHatter help me with pricing to be honest (Because I know you're probably better at it than me, Hatter ^^; ). 

    I'll start with listing off what I can and can't draw... I mainly draw dragons, occasionally humans but if you're patient enough I'm sure I can get in a human drawing possibly. But yeah, mainly dragons is what I draw. I can also draw raptors, such as my boys here in this :meow: 
I MAY also attempt other reptile-like creatures too since I'm centered around being good at drawing reptiles in general. Again, humans, it may take a bit longer to draw but I might be able to draw your oc. :) 

    I'm pretty sure I'll separate commissions in a way where it's like lineart headshot or a colored headshot, lineart bust or colored bust, lineart full body, colored full body, I might even throw in a shaded option for all 3 of those, I'm not sure again I think I'll have TheRealZombieHatter help me out with pricing and organization... I hope you help me out a bit Hatter... Cause I'm a bit lost in general... :XD:      

    So, yeah, we'll see how this goes... I was also considering opening up an "Ask My Ocs/Oocs" thing over Spring Break! :D You may wonder "Whoa whoa whoa, Astra, what's with all this...? o-o " Well... I came to the realisation that over Spring Break I really really do want to draw a ton of things but once those are done, what else would I have to do...? I've also been considering opening commissions for a while now but school's been in the way a LOT (due to since SOMEBODY had to throw in 3 core classes in a semester! :shakestick: ) and I've really wanted to get around to raking up points somehow... The reason being possibly making (depending on how many commissions I get in) and opening an "Ask My Ocs/Oocs" event is because I've seen others doing it recently and I've seen them around, and having SO many ocs and oocs it'd be a fun little thing to do :) But this all being said...

Commissions will be started! Prices will vary depending on what you want, I will note you when prices are made up! 
Thank you all! <3 
    Ahhh meh gawd! I just looked at my schedule for the horrid school week starting tomorrow and I just realised Spring Break for me starts after the 10th which is this Friday! O.o I'm closer to a free week of drawing than I think..!
    That's right, you heard me correctly! Over Spring Break since I've been SO deprived of my full potential in drawing and learning new skills with drawing, I'm going to try and draw as much as I can within that free week away from that prison of a school of mine! You can clearly see how much I hate my school with a seething and smoldering passion :D 
    Now of course there's bad news too... Well, don't know if it's considered bad news or good news. Literally I'm leaning more toward the "That didn't solve my issue" side of the scale than the "Oh hey, thanks for helping!" side. I recently a week or 2 ago had a counsel meeting with my mother, my second in office principal, and my counsellor. You know what I get..? Just take a guess before you read on... :bucktooth: I get... All this crap thrown back at my face where they were saying "Maybe if you got a planner you'd be organized with your work because that's what it seems like is you have so much work you're disorganized." Now... Yes, I agree I am disorganized with this work but... Did you ever think it was YOUR guys fault and NOT MINE because you MESSED UP MY SCHEDULE IN THE FIRST PLACE? I would not be this stressed out and "disorganized" if you guys balanced this out evenly in the first place! -~- So yeah, I have a planner to "keep my organized" then they asked "What do you do when you come home? I see you also have these papers about your diagnosis with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D." FUN FACT! I found out from my mother something new to me when she said "Actually I recently looked into her papers more and found out she's mixed between A.D.D. and A.D.H.D." .... This would have helped me so much more if I knew that.... O~e But it makes sense I also have the tendency to pace around a lot whenever thinking or if I sit down for long periods I sometimes fidget around if I'm not interested. 
    Anyways, I answered "Well, I come home and as soon as I walk through the front door I crash and collapse not wanting to do anything else" Because who honestly does want to do MORE 2-3 hours of homework after being in school for 6 or 7 hours -_- "I normally kind of take a break for about an hour or 2 after I get home. But by the time I even get home in that first or so hour, my medication wears off." And I get this next thing thrown at me "For the medication, have you tried taking it an hour or 2 after the time you normally take it?" No because my school starts at 7 in the morning, my medication need 30 minutes to an hour to kick in so I take it at around 6 in the morning, and to be able to take it any later I have to get a note from the doctor to turn into the office so they can give me my medication. The second thing I was told that I've heard so many times "When you get home, I want you to try starting on work after at the max a half hour break and after that assignment, maybe take a 5 to 10 minute break, then start on the next assignment, and so on." So you're wanting me to waste even more of my time, the only time I have to myself in the afternoons after school, to finish homework? :facepalm: I also understand that I am what we call "a perfectionist" I am NOT saying I'm perfect, lets get that down first. Secondly I'll explain what it actually means, by a "perfectionist" I had to grow up with the fact "If you're going to do something, do it right the first time" I STILL live with that saying in my school for something like tests or quizes, think about that they were also saying "It doesn't have to be a perfect score or perfectly neat" *throws hands up* Why do you tell me that saying in my classes then when tests come up!? You either get it right or in the right score area the first time so you don't have to come in for test corrections in the afternoon and waste more of my time on information I most likely WON'T use in the future! ANYWAYS... Sorry for my ranting... ;~;  So... Back to the definition of being a perfectionist, I often lived with and still do live with that saying so I automatically and subconsciously have anxiety over not getting my work right the first time. There of, it's causing me to work more on assignments then what I really should spend on them. But, them telling me "You don't have to make it exactly perfect" is easier said then done because again I grew up with that for all my life :bucktooth: *stares at the paragraphs I wrote within 15 minutes* ... Uh, we'll cut this short so you guys don't have to listen to me go on and on... Again, sorry about that... :sorry:  I'm Sorry Smiley 
    Long story short, the whole time what I heard was "How about you try and change your ways first before we do anything on our end because surely most of the time it's the students and not us." .... Facepalm FacepalmFacepalm1  facepalm Danny facepalm (Too many facepalm emojis but that's legit how I feel in this situation) That is all I got out of that conversation and we'll meet back up again to see how everything's going soon. But in either case, this is again another example why I just have a smoldering hatred passion for my school and why I want to kind of go back to homeschooling again. But the chances of being home schooled again are slim to none. I also have to deal with 3 of these same core classes again for the rest of the school year, once Spring Break begins is the end of the 3rd quarter for me.
    Anyways though... Bit of a rant there... And just wanted to let ya all know how I'm doing and a bit of an update on when I should be posting some real artwork again soon. So... Til next time, guys. 
    I've heard from a lot of artists lately that they not only want to be able to draw their creatures and animals, but humans too and me being the same way I can relate to these people and feel a bit lost what to do. Now, I may be a starting out kind of artist, yes, but I can at least throw out what I know and hope it can help other beginning artists as well :) 
    So for starters, what I do to start off with some sort of idea but don't know where to start the pose or shapes then I use... REFERENCES! For those who don't already know that, just throwing that out there as for starters. I have heard this SO many times in the tutorials I have learned from AND I have also learned this by my own hand. It does make a difference, don't be afraid to use references such as, Google images. Also, when I mean reference, I don't mean go to someone else's artwork and trace or heavily copy what they did unless given permission by the artist, it can count as a crime of theft and plagiarism. That being said, there are also actual figure references out there if you search for them, some I even have in my favorites too. I also have learned, breaking figures down into simple shapes helps a LOT, as a starter I thought "Pfft, shapes? Really? I don't need that!" .... I could slap myself for thinking that BUT you don't have to use general shapes or breaking down figures if you don't want to, everyone's different but just as a tip I'm saying it makes a huge difference. In some of my work in progresses (WIP's) you can sometimes see the circles and lines faintly I have between the limbs on figures. I personally have started with drawing the head first (I am trying to move on from focusing on JUST the head first and trying to "speed draw" with using shapes then going back for detail.) then worked my way down with lines and circles. What I do is for say, I'm done with the head and neck so I move down and lightly sketch just a simple box for a standing pose. From that box, I add a circle on the sides where shoulders will start, draw a line where I want the upper arm and pretend that that line is almost like a bone. Afterwards, draw a circle for the elbow, draw another line, then draw a small square or circle for the wrist and/or hand. :) I do the same with the legs too and any other joined, even with my dragons I do this "lines and circles" method and after you get those lines/"bones" and circles down, draw over top like it's a bone, adding on the "muscles and skin".  
    Next, tutorials. If you're still unsure where to start or maybe if you need help how to draw a leg, a hand, maybe even just the mouth on a face, go to YouTube and find some good tutorials. :D I also have seen the issue with people finding good tutorials on "how to draw *subject*" and I agree, I had this issue too. So I'll throw out a few people on Youtube that I LOVE their tutorials and they help break things down and explain a LOT on even the simplist things. Even though some may be digital, it doesn't matter since the basic steps are still the same sketching concepts. :) So without further ado, if your'e having trouble finding some good yet easy tutorials to kick off with, I recomend go checking these YouTubers out:
    (Keep in mind, I also have a semi-realistic/cartoony style, but still the concepts of these are STILL the same when it comes to breaking down to the basic steps)
    Draw With… can not describe how much he has helped me out with learning to draw. He can go from something like poses and details down to the very simplest things such as drawing hands (Okay, hands aren't "simple" to draw :XD: ) or a nose, hair style, a mouth, or just eyes alone. And for those animators/people who want to be animators out there, I have seen a few tutorials out there if you wanna check them out :D… Is another artist/YouTuber who has helped me throughout the learning process on how to draw. In fact, I used one of his tutorials to help me make a huge leap into drawing this Goals Were Made! (WIP) by Astra-Phantom5654 Finished WIP by Astra-Phantom5654 with this tutorial here  
But again, go check him out he has a ton of great "how to" videos too and he does a great job at walking people through it. :D… I found her recently, but so far I'm seeing some good tutorials from her and she also helps point things out and through :) 

    Fine Art-Tips:… More of a realistic artist, has a ton of tutorials though. … Ton of tutorials, someone else I found helpful but I'm new to their channel and so far I'm loving what I'm finding in their tutorials. :) 

    Annnnnd I think that's it... But those are just a handful of people that I find REALLY helpful with tutorials (mainly Draw With Jazza and Markcrilley) and so, those people I recommend checking out for starters to help anyone out :) Again, don't be afraid to reference too! Again, not in terms of copying or heavily referencing from someone else's artwork unless given permission by the artist.
    But those are just some hopefully helpful guidelines and/or tips on how to help draw people and what people and tutorials you can go check out to help you on your journey as well. :) Hope this helps some new artists and others looking for help and/or ideas on how to get started! :hug: 

Warning: Mild Gore Ahead

    Ehm... So, I may not draw for a week or so, probably a little less, depending how much pain I'm in. Reason being... 

    My cat had been agitated apparently. I reached toward him carefully to try and calm him down and I felt him relax from being tensed and thought he was calming down, but right when i thought that he launched at me and bit down and tore backward cutting my hand. Only one of his bottom jaw fangs got me (hint, the longest mark where he continued to bite down) and the top two didn't do much, other than the top left going in a good spot... It looks worse than it really is and thankfully didn't puncture too deeply. But anyways, just wanted to give a heads up I may not even do a quick doodle for about a week or so due to this. :( It's also a lot better now, I put some triple antibiotic ointment on the wounds which also has a pain reliever in it too, most of the pain has dulled down because of it and I put a big band aid over it. :) 

    See? Yes those giant band aids I never knew the use/ never had to use before were finally made of use :XD: Again, it's feeling better and it's treated, nothing is too deep. Hopefully it heals a bit faster if I keep treating it with that ointment. But again, just wanted to give a heads up if I don't draw or even sketch much this week.
    So, recently as we know I had someone at my school ask me for a drawing and just last night someone here on DA ( T-R-I-C-K-E-R-Y ) had asked me for a drawing which as I had told them, I am very much interested in drawing! <3 Since it's a Loki dragon too of course ^^; I know I had asked this in the past what your guys thoughts were if I offered commissions to be opened, but I feel as if now I have a little more people to hear feedback from (if they are willing to ask...) and so... Basically,

How would you guys feel if I opened commissions?

    It will all depend on the complexity for the amount of time to spend, how big it is and such, I'm not sure how much I'll charge for each (headshots, busts, full body) AND it also will depend what you want. As we know, I do draw a wide range of dragons easily but I also draw humans too, it just takes a bit longer for me to draw them than dragons. Um, animal wise...? I'm not sure I'll think about it. But again, how do you all feel if I opened up commissions with decently cheap prices? Cheap only being because I'm starting out and just to see how these all go. Please leave a response down below, as much feedback as possible is helpful! 
    Thought it'd be interesting to see how much I've grown over the 2 years of time I've been on here. Prepare to cringe possibly!  

Shadow by Astra-Phantom5654 June 2015
From the Darkest Depths by Astra-Phantom5654 August 2016, year and 2 months 

Razor and Sabor:
Razor (preview, read description for story) by Astra-Phantom5654 April 2016
Razor and Sabor Expressions by Astra-Phantom5654 November 2016, 7 months 

Random Angry Dragons: 
Battle Wounds (2) by Astra-Phantom5654 April 2016
 February 2017, 10 months

Myself, my sister, and characters: (gonna have a few pics)
Derek and Loki by Astra-Phantom5654 May 2015
Dragon And Amber by Astra-Phantom5654 August 2015
Danny by Astra-Phantom5654 April 2016
Fedora by Astra-Phantom5654 June 2016
Derek by Astra-Phantom5654 August 2016
Flash (Finished WIP Not My OC) by Astra-Phantom5654 October 2016 
Myself, Astra Phantom. by Astra-Phantom5654 December 17, 2016
Sunny by Astra-Phantom5654 December 28, 2016 
 January 2017

So as you see, let this be inspiration to all you artists out there who think no one's going to like your art because truth be told, with every drawing you do and with time and practice, you grow. :) Some of these older ones, I cringe at but yet also every time I get something new done it's both interesting and reassuring to see how far I've come over the time period I've drawn. Hope this is inspiration to some new starting artists out there or for others who think they won't ever be as great as others. Just keep on drawing and practicing. :) 
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   RULE 1. You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2. You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks! Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your journal, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 5-10 of your friends to answer this. Then see what happens.

1. Asked someone to marry you? 

2. Kissed one of your friends? 

3. Danced on a table in a bar? 

4. Ever told a lie?

5. Had feelings for someone whom you can't have?

6. Ever kissed someone of the same sex?

7. Kissed a picture?

8. Slept in until 5 PM? 

9. Fallen asleep at work/school?
Innocent (Sure it'll happen at some point though)

10. Held a snake?
Guilty (Love reptiles X3 )

11. Been suspended from school?

12. Worked at a fast food chain/restaurant? 

13. Stolen something? 

14. Been fired from a job? 

15. um, rip this question i guess~

16. Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose?

17. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

18. Kissed in the rain? 

19. Sat on a roof top?

20. Kissed someone you shouldn't? 

21. Sang in the shower? 

22. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? 
Guilty (Both on accident and on purpose, several times)

23. Shaved your head? 

24. Slept naked?

25. Had a boxing membership? 

26. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?

27. Been in a band? 

28. Shot a gun? 
GUILTY! (LOVE target practice! :D )

29. Donated Blood? 
Innocent (Will be next year more than likely though)

30. Eaten alligator meat?

31. Eaten cheesecake? 

32. Still love someone you shouldn't? 

33. Have/had a tattoo? 

34. Liked someone, but will never tell who?

35. Been too honest? 

36. Ruined a surprise? 
Guilty (I try not to)

37. Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you can't walk afterwards? 

38. Erased someone in your friends list? 

39. Dressed in woman's clothes (if you're a guy) or man's clothes (if you're a girl)? 
Guilty (Tomboy -3- )

40. Joined a pageant?

41. Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? 
Guilty (If my best friend/sibling counts :3 ) 

42. Still have communication with your ex? 

43. Cheated on someone?

44. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning? 

45. A total stranger treated you by paying your fare? 

46. Get so angry that you cried? 

47. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?

48. Thought about suicide?

49. Thought about murder?

50. How about Mass Murder?

51. Rode in a stranger's vehicle?

52. Stalked someone? 
Guilty (Celebrities count, right?)

53. Had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Innocent (I count this innocent, because if I ever had a "boyfriend" it never felt that way to me with him... Don't wanna talk about it...) 

    I'm gonna sound stupid possibly saying this but... In all my pencil kits I got years ago when i was homeschooled for a few years for my art classes, I always got these little paper sticks and always thought "Never going to use these, they look useless." Well, that was 5th grade-7th grade year old me a few years ago... And just today, I found out what these 

Were for! :XD: I was in a tutorial video looking at how to shade in my human faces better without hard pronounced lines and I see this girl pull out one of those and was like "What is that..?" and she puts it on the paper and rubs it around and the graphite smears SO evenly and perfectly and I'm like " O_O ...... *runs over to drawers on table*" and I pulled open one of the drawers and I have like 10 of these things and FINALLY I know what the use of those are for and I feel like such an idiot right now! :XD: But now I think I'm gonna try and use those from now on and see if I can get any good/better results out of my drawings and practice with shading.